No More Potholes or Red Light Cameras
More Jobs

One of the most fundamental tasks of a city government is to build and maintain the infrastructure. Roads, being the single most frequented pieces of infrastructure, must be maintained. Every citizen is annoyed when they have to dodge potholes everywhere they go in the city, and it's even worse when their neighborhoods are riddled with them. I can tell you as a delivery driver in District Six, our roads are awful. Our major roads like Hulen, Altamesa, and Bryant Irvin have potholes scattered throughout.

The Fort Worth Transportation Department reports that 240 miles of our city's streets are in poor condition, which is unacceptable. We might be where the west begins, but that doesn't mean our roads have to be in disrepair.

The current City Council has failed to take responsibility for the growing pothole problem. They do not see fixing the potholes on our roads as a pressing issue, even though we all swerve to miss them, everyday. I see this as a common sense issue that must be addressed and answered.

According to AAA, in the last five years 16 million Americans have suffered pothole damage to their vehicles, with the average repair bill totaling $300. According to Firestone, your car can suffer these damages from potholes: tire puncture, damage or wear, wheel rim damage, premature wear on shocks and struts, suspension damage, including broken components, steering system misalignment, exhaust system damage, and engine damage.

The estimated cost of fixing the potholes for the entire city is $500,000, which would be 00.03% of the $1.65 Billion budget for 2017. This is extremely reasonable, and must be done.

The City Council is discussing an $8-$10 monthly increase in water bills to cover the "expenses for repairing, building, and expanding roads." We can afford to fix the potholes without this increase.

We will fix ALL of the potholes, and then the tool below will be of actual use for any new ones. I urge you to fill out at least one request for the worst pothole in your daily commute.

Report a pothole or any other transportation issue.
Or Call: 817-392-8100

Watch me address the City Council on potholes. (33:30-36:30)

Red Light Cameras

What me address the council on Red Light Cameras (1:39:00-1:42:00)

We will take down all the red light cameras in our city, and never put another one up. We must end all of our contracts with American Traffic Solutions that is based in Arizona. Yes, most of your red light ticket money goes to a private company in Arizona, only about $80,000 per year since 2007 has gone to the City, whilst $2.4 Million has gone to ATS. Not only do RLCs (red light cameras) not bring in money for our city, they are unconstitutional. We have a right to face our accuser in court, and yet, a camera is being allowed to fine us. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has already ruled that they are unconstitutional,13 States prohibit them, and our neighbors in Arlington and Houston have already taken action to rid their cities from RLCs. City Council Members swear an oath to defend the Constitution, but yet they have let red light cameras continue and expand in Fort Worth. On top of all this, RLCs do not make intersections safer, and have actually been shown to increase accidents and injuries (TIME). In a DFW CBS news poll 84% of participants said that RLCs do not make intersections safer. The Texas State Government is considering banning RLCs this year, but we must get rid of them either way. A safer and constitutional alternative to RLCs would be to increase the length of yellow lights for dangerous intersections.


We have to work to bring high paying jobs back into District 6. We will go after companies of the future. Tesla, Solar City, Google, Amazon, Driverless Car Tech, and Green Energy Companies are the sort of corporations we would like to convince to bring jobs to District 6, so that we can have a robust and thriving economy for generations to come, and most importantly, our residents of today can find a well-paying job.

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