ST. JOHN for Six
Common Sense

Fort Worth City Council Election
Make Your Voice Count
May 2019

A City Council Candidate for District Six named Nicholas Anthony St. John (a.k.a. Nick) plans to file a petition to be on the ballot for the election in May 2019. “I am hoping to represent the people of Fort Worth District Six, and I know the best way to start my campaign will be to garner signatures myself by having conversations with my neighbors." He was a Volunteer Deputy Registrar for two counties during the most recent election.

Aside from being a Volunteer Deputy Registrar, the Texas State Senate and House of Representatives have recognized him for outstanding achievement. He was the President of a National Honor Society Chapter, and is still a member. Additionally, he was one of the founding fathers for a chapter of Delta Tau Delta. “I try to engage with many organizations.”  

Nicholas was born in Chicagoland, but shortly thereafter moved to central Texas, more specifically, Whitney, Texas, which is about 50 miles south of Fort Worth. He attended the public schools in Whitney, and then moved to Fort Worth briefly after graduating high school. He attended Tarrant County College at the South Campus, The University of Texas at Dallas, and is currently finishing his degree in Physics Education at Western Governors University. “I originally wanted to gain a Chemistry/Physics natural science degree, but I decided to go with my gut, and become a public servant.”

Nicholas has worked several jobs including as a Tutor Doctor, crew trainer, driver trainer, and delivery driver. He currently works part time in District Six delivering pizzas to people in Fort Worth. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur who founded an online expert delivery service that caters to college students, owns and operates candy and coke machines, and is currently developing a small piece of land in Cleburne, Texas into a small community. “A lot of people tell me that I am very well rounded, but I always answer that if you have a strong work ethic, any skill is attainable.”

Nicholas is 22 years old, and does not have a wife or children, but he does have a blonde dog named Perseus. “I have a girlfriend, but we are both focused on reaching our goals in life right now. We treat our dogs like kids, and frequent the Fort Woof Dog Park together. I do love watching my nieces and nephew, and plan to have 6 kids in the future.”

“I love to learn, teach, volunteer, workout, work on physics, help others, collaborate, meet new people, go outside, see family and friends, and pray."